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Monday, June 8, 2009

Homemade Whipping Cream

Okay, you guys aren't probably challenged as I am, but I thought I would include this anyway. Whenever I want to make homemade whipping cream, I can never remember how much is needed of whipping cream and sugar. I swear, I must have called my mom like 8 times for this. So when I couldn't remember AGAIN last night and had to call her to come to my rescue, I was determined to put it on the blog, just so I don't have to bug her anymore regarding this! And have I mentioned that I love summer because you can get the most delicious peaches ever?! And mixed with angel food cake and homemade whipping cream, life couldn't get much sweeter. This picture is proof that I am totally impatient, I under whipped this a little but I just couldn't wait to start eating!

1 cup heavy whipping cream
2-3 tbsp of sugar, to taste

Of course, if you need more or less, just adjust for size.
Put whipping cream and sugar in mixing bowl. Mix on medium for 2-3 minutes depending on speed, just until cream creates stiff peaks. Don't overwhip it to form cottage cheese but the cream does need to have a firmer consistency. Have fun!

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